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Flat Roof Thermal Imaging | Flat Roof Leaks

Flat roof leaks are typically very difficult to determine the source and severity of the leak.  With roof top thermal imaging we can determine where your roof is leaking from and how large the leak is.  Roof leaks cannot be properly repaired without truly understanding the source and the severity of the leak.

Thermal imaging allows us to see the temperature difference in the roof indicating if an area is wet.  Many times the thermal image will show us the source as well as the effected area.

Once we understand the source of the leak we can develop a leak repair system to restore the roof and stop any  continued deterioration at the site of the leak.  We will first open us the roof and dry it from the top side to ensure no water has been trapped in between the roof layers.  We will then begin the roof restoration process.

CLRS flat roof repair systems allow the client to save save money over conventional roof replacement and also reduce risk of loss from water damage.



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Roof Leak Repairs With Precision Accuracy And Benefits

  • Lifetime Service Guarantee exclusively
  • First-rate support from a team of experts
  • Reduced loss riskRoofing protection that performs well in all seasons
  • Non-prorated warranties for full coverage during entire term

Roof Repair Systems -vs-  Roof Replacement

Our Roofing Repair Systems are extreamly durable. We warranty all repairs against future leaks at the same penetration site .  The coatings we use are designed for strength and longevity.


  • Engineered for exceptional durability and tensile strength
  • Leading-edge elastic properties
  • Resists strong wind, hail, solar deterioration & more

CLRS flat roof repair systems can relieve the burden of traditional roof replacement.  Take into consideration the process of traditional roof replacement and you will rest easy knowing the benefits of a roof leak repair system.


  • Avoid liability involved with roof tear-off
  • No need for tear-off to get project up to code
  • They don’t count as another layer in most building codes
  • No negative effect on building’s structure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Kind Of Warranty Is There On Roof Leak Repairs?
Our typical warranties are leak free warranties that range from 1-4 yrs.  The warranties are renewable by simply applying a maintenance coat within the warranty period.
Will My Business Be Disrupted During The Process?

Most of our roofing systems require little or no tearoff, therefore the disruption of your daily business is very minimal or non existent. You can carry on with your daily business during our install.

What Makes The Roof Leak Repair Systems Last So Long?

The Quality of our products used is key in the long life expectancy of our roof leak systems is the key word “systems”. We use a 3 part system that actually makes the roof stronger at the spot of repair than the roof was when it was new.  All our roof systems are designed to have added protection in the most critical areas of your roof making them withstand against the harsh elements of weather.


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