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About Commercial Leak Repair Systems

Commercial Leak Repair Systems answers one of the largest problems facing Facility Management Today. How to get the most life out of your roofing systems.

Traditionally, commercial roofing is approached by installing a new roof system that is guaranteed by a contractor and covered by a warranty for a preset amount of time. While under a warranty, the roof is maintained or repaired by the installing contractor, correcting any issues, should they need to.

But what happens when the warranty has expired? The once new roof most likely shows some signs of aging, but if there are no leaks occurring…. it doesn’t make sense to replace it just to get back under a warranty…so it is often not thought about, and is out of sight out of mind until a problem occurs.

When an issue does occur, and the building owner calls on a roofing company to help, even though they may have only a few leaks, they often only receive a bid to replace the entire system. If the roofing company does offer to repair the roof, it is a temporary fix that offers little or no warranty. And ultimately, after the temporary repairs fail and the issues return, you will inevitably end up needing to replace the entire roof system.

When this happens: You will need to expose your business to elements. You will have to endure a very long and messy project that may impede your business. And after all that… you will need to write a very large check. Just to start the cycle all over again….

What if I told you that none of that was necessary. That you could preserve your existing roofing system. That you wouldn’t need to open your building to the elements or expose your business to the mess. And, that you could save 30-40-even 50% in doing so.

If you look at the traditional lifespan of a roofing system it will always end up in replacement of that system. Any repairs made to the system or sealants applied to the roofing do not change the inevitable outcome that the roof will eventually need to be replaced.

However, if you take that same roofing system and start a process that will restore that system before the sun and weather degrades the system too far, you can stop the degrading timeline and redirect it to a sustainable system that will never again need to be replaced.

Thus, creating our ultimate goal, making the roof system SUSTAINABLE.

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We have a reputation for being the leader in Commercial Roofing applications. If you are having issues with a roof leak or damage on your commercial roof we can help right away.

  • We want to save you $$$CLRS saves their customer Millions of dollars!

  • Safety DrivenKeeping everyone safe is our #1 priority. Roof Restoration is second.

  • Environmentally Safe & Green.No VOCs. NON Toxic. No Waste! No Debris going to the Landfill!

  • SustainableAll CLRS systems are completely sustainable! No Tearing off your roof!


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