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Commercial Roofing Replacement

If you are considering Replacement of your Commercial roof system it is imperative that you have your roof inspected by someone with a restoration mindset.

If the contractors you have spoken with only have replacement options to correct the issues with your roof system or if you speak to contractors that only have replacement mindset, you may spend twice as much as you need to.

Commercial Leak Repair Systems is in the Restoration Business. We want to save your roof, “Not replace it!”.

If your roof system is too far gone to restore, We can help advise the best replacement solution for your building.

Call Commercial Leak Repair Systems today at 715-690-3356 or 855-453-2543 for the best roof restoration or roof replacement options.


We have a reputation for being the leader in Commercial Roofing applications. If you are having issues with a roof leak or damage on your commercial roof we can help right away.

  • We want to save you $$$CLRS saves their customer Millions of dollars!

  • Safety DrivenKeeping everyone safe is our #1 priority. Roof Restoration is second.

  • Environmentally Safe & Green.No VOCs. NON Toxic. No Waste! No Debris going to the Landfill!

  • SustainableAll CLRS systems are completely sustainable! No Tearing off your roof!


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"If our system fails. We do whatever it takes to repair it."

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